African American Cultural Alliance

Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.


Since 1983

The AACA...

Committed to celebrating and connecting the extensions of Africa to America

by way of education, arts, business, family and community...

Helping us become ONE strong.

The Gambia Jamaica Ethiopia Angola South Africa Seychelles Islands Peru Mexico Canada Ghana Panama Nigeria United States Cuba

Do you know what countries these flags represent? Point to the flags throughout this site to find out which country in Africa or the Diaspora each one is. 

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 African American Cultural Alliance

P.O. Box 22173

Nashville, TN 37202

Visit us at:


 African American Cultural Alliance

1215 9th Avenue North, Suite 210

Nashville, TN 37208



Office:  (615) 942-0706

Email:  [email protected]

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We are now accepting new dedicated volunteers for this year's festival planning team.

If you live in the Middle Tennessee area,  please call or email us and

let us know you're interested!

Anyone caught selling illegal items (e.g., animals, water, food (including cookies, etc.) will be asked to leave the festival and goods confiscated; police escort if necessary.  Retail vendors are not allowed to sell water or food.  Food vendors are not allowed to sell any retail items.