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From time to time, we will share some of the issues that have gotten our interest and that you may also be interested in knowing about or helping with. One of the most exciting groups of people we've come to know over the past few years is THE AFRICA CHANNEL.











Please click on the above or below banner to visit The Africa Channel's website. Check out clips of music and news programming, soaps, sports events, reality shows, documentaries and much more. Visit The Africa Channel Music Store, where you can select, listen to and purchase popular music from around the continent. See the listings for other incredible event specials, only available on The Africa Channel.


If The Africa Channel is not yet available in your area, please take a few minutes to contact your cable or satellite provider. Let them know you're interested and would like to see this channel on your programming lineup. More specifically, ASK when it will be available. They will respond. This is how we can create greater customer demand for programming WE would like to watch and is important to us.


NASHVILLE and MIDDLE TENNESSEE Comcast customers, please click HERE to send an email to Comcast's Customer Service (just enter your zip code and click on the "Digital Cable" icon). The more they hear from their customers, the more serious they will be in providing this amazing channel for our area.


With its main offices based in Hollywood, California, The Africa Channel is 24 hours a day, all English, and all produced and televised from Africa. The Africa Channel is now being watched in numerous cities around the U.S., the United Kingdom, and the Caribbean.....



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