African American Cultural Alliance

Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.


Since 1983

Our History...

The AACA was founded in May of 1983 by several concerned African American community members in Nashville who wanted to promote the positive aspects of African culture. The primary concern of the African American Cultural Alliance is to enhance the awareness of the cultural and historical background of people of African descent, while providing various outlets in which we ourselves can take part in demonstrating our culture to others.


The African Cultural Alliance embraces the definition of culture as all material and immaterial things that a people manifests in order to survive, adapt, control and flourish in their environment.

What We Do...

Some of our programming includes:


The African Street Festival

(held annually at Hadley Park and Recreation Center)




Prison Outreach


MLK Day March


Annual Tribute to Civil War U.S. Colored Troops


Nashville African American History Tours


Cultural and Environmental Consulting


Participation in the Mayor’s First Day of School Event


Marcus Garvey Library Expansion Project

(in Jamaica, West Indies)


and more...





For more information or to book a

Nashville African American History / Civil Rights Tour,

(please call us at (615) 942-0706 or send us a message for more information)

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