African American Cultural Alliance

Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.


Since 1983

The African Street Festival...








The African American Cultural Alliance is a non-profit organization,

founded in May of 1983, to promote and celebrate the cultural and historical

 backgrounds of people of African descent throughout the African Diaspora.

Nashville's Annual African Street festival will be held at Hadley Park State Hosted by the African American Cultural Alliance (AACA), this phenomenal, family-oriented festival has grown continuously and now attracts thousands who are interested in African and African American culture.


The festival has garnered local media attention and remains one of the city's premiere events attracting people of all ages, from all walks of life and from all sectors of the region. And our celebration is now also expanding to include the cultures of the Caribbean, North, Central and South America and other places around the world where Africa is also represented in its people and cultures.


The African Street Festival event can also give companies and other organizations a unique opportunity to support one of the largest festivals of this type in the Southeast. Please contact us about becoming a sponsor or visit our profile at to learn more about us.


Some of what's included each year at our festival is:


The Children's Pavilion (featuring arts and crafts, drumming, dance, storytelling and more Authentic African, American and other cuisines representing the Diaspora


An eclectic mix of live music, such as African, Reggae, Latin, R&B, Jazz, Gospel, Neo-Soul, Country, Blues, African Drumming & More  

  • Spoken Word

  • Dance

  • The New African Pavilion

  • Opening Night International Music Block Party


Anyone caught selling illegal items (e.g., animals, water, food (including cookies, etc.) will asked to leave the festival and goods confiscated.  Police escort if necessary.  Retail vendors are not allowed to sell water or food.  Food vendors are not allowed to sell any retail items.


Street Vendor Registration Forms:

AACA Food Vendor Application:  MS Word or PDF

 AACA Retail/Non-Profit Vendor Application:  MS Word or PDF


TSU Homecoming:  MS Word or PDF






The African Street Festival is not just a social event...

It's a cultural and educational experience for all.

Anguilla Bolivia Brazil Cameroon Democratic Republic of Congo Haiti Lesotho Senegal United States

Become a part of Nashville's longest-running cultural event!


The AACA is looking for dedicated volunteers to work as part of the

African Street Festival Team.


If you are interested and live in the Nashville Metropolitan area,

please call or email us your contact information.

 37th Annual African Street Festival

September 20 - 22, 2019

Nashville, Tennessee

2019 Schedule 

      Coming Soon!!